About us

About us

About us

Welcome to Baby Smiles!

My name is Elizabeth and as you can see on the picture, I have 2 small boys (Daddy is the one on the left). I am originally from England and have now been living in Germany for over 10 years. I have always enjoyed making and designing things. Alongside the articles already on offer on baby-smiles.de I am also very proud of a large felt murial for the nursery wall and superhero stuffed toys. 


My eldest son suffers from chronic obstructive bronchitus. Due to this, he dribbled severly from the age of 9 months to 4 years. Within minutes his bibs would be soaked through and his clothes on his chest would be wet. This led to his having more colds than "normal", which made his condition worse. The use of plastic bibs helped at first, but they looked ugly and made him look like a baby and he and I both did not want this. At Kindergarten he was teased because of this and he then did not want to wear the bibs or go to Kindergarten anymore....


We needed to find an alternative and aside from functionality it was an absolute must that my child wanted to wear the bandanas and he would look smart and "funky" wearing them. I experimented and finally found a solution. The results are my bibs or bandanas, that keep the little ones drier even when they severely dribble. They are child-friendly and fashionable and can be combined with any outfit.


My eldest loved the bandanas and was really proud of them when he wore them. I therefore used them straight away when my youngest started teething.


In the meantime lots of Mummys and even Daddys asked me if they could buy the bandanas. This is when I decided to set-up Baby-Smiles.de.


We are a small family run company with my boys providing lots of input in the creative department - asking me to design them numerous mobiles and toys in the evening eg: Hot air balloons and a whale themed mobile. Certain ideas are still on the drawing board "Mummy,. please make us a rocket that will fly us to the moon so we can have a picnic......."

I hope you and your children enjoy our products as much as my boys do.


Elizabeth Häfner


Our products are proudly handmade at Baby-Smiles. de in Nürnberg Germany